As a new and unique 100% natural product made in Romania, Cremola has just started to make its way to the top of the most appreciated Romanian brands’ list, right after it was launched at the beginning of 2019.

Clearly, none of the labels of any products we find in supermarkets should lie. In this regard and considering the rising concern for the food they consume, Romanians have become more careful. For these reasons, Cremola proposes a naturally healthy desert with a clean and truthful label. This new alternative of sweet desert is obtained from 100% natural ingredients and targets all those who truly care about their health and happiness as well as of their loved ones.

We have personally tasted the creamiest desert in Romania and decided that it deserves equally remarkable marketing campaigns and strategies. Therefore, we use all the digital performance marketing tools to ensure that Cremola gets into your shopping baskets!

Cremola – naturally delicious